After many months of waiting, we got a call  from our salesperson Dino Tukes who smiled through the phone that our Leaf had come in.  The next day we headed up to Campbell Nelson Nissan to complete the transaction and pick up our car.  It took about three hours to finish the paperwork and get a little training on operating the Leaf.

It is an amazingly easy car to drive. It handles well, accelerates smoothly, and the dashboard gadgetry is not too distracting.  In the first three days we put 229 miles on the car including three 75 mile trips with mostly freeway driving.  The remaining miles at the end of the 75 mile trips was 20 – 27, not bad at all.  We leave the power selector in ‘ECO’ mode and find that there is plenty of torque available for almost all driving conditions.  We are most impressed with the details put into the drive system and information systems in this vehicle.  It is a real game changer.

Look for many more Leafs on the road in the coming months, sales are brisk.  If you did not sign up for one of these cars in the initial sales program, you can still get one if someone who previously ordered one does not go through with the sale.  These ‘orphan’ cars are appearing with increasing frequency at dealers in the area. EV Support has already installed several charging stations for customers who purchased cars this way.  Call Dino at  (206) 251-6400  to see if there are orphan Leafs at Campbell Nelson.


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