Want Freedom Of Choice When Buying Your Next Car?

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Jan 30, 2024

If you want the freedom to be able to purchase a vehicle directly from a manufacturer like Rivian instead of being forced to purchase through a dealership, please reach out to your legislative representatives in support of SB6304 through signing up in Support (Pro position) of the bill for the upcoming committee hearing happening at 1:30p on Thursday, February 1st. Instructions and more information below:

To indicate your Support for the Legislative Record for SB6304.

·         Go to Senate Committee Sign In

·         In the “Committee” drop down select Transportation

·         In the “Meeting” drop down select 02/01/2024 at 1:30p

·         Choose SB6304

·         Under “Select type of testimony” click: I would like my position noted for the legislative record

·         Complete required fields

·         Note: In the “Position” drop down box select Pro

·         Make sure to click the “I am not a robot” box and then “Submit Registration” button

Testimony: Additionally, if you are available to go to Olympia next week and testify in person in Support of this bill, that would be greatly appreciated.

Existing Auto Dealers Don’t Want You To Have Options

To note, existing auto dealers have introduced HB2028 SB5945: A Bill that would place even further restrictions on companies like Rivian which would result in making it one of the restrictive states to purchase an EV. These additional restrictions are proposed in Subsection 18, which could prohibit manufacturers from engaging consumers online and accepting preorders or reservations. We have requested the bill sponsors consider an amendment to allow for direct-to-consumer EV sales for auto manufacturers that have not previously offered a franchise to a dealer in the state. 

Letter From The Direct Sales Coalition

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About The Author - Stu Frothingham

Stu has a degree in Clean Energy Technology, a Certificate in Sustainable Business Management and a BA in Communications. He’s experienced in marketing solar products and services plus he has a background as a clinician and researcher. Stu designed, manufactured and installed his own solar PV system and drives an all-electric Nissan LEAF to reduce his carbon footprint. Stu is active with local solar organizations, Seattle Parks and Sustainable Ballard. He wants to help to save the planet for future generations and believes sustainability is something we can all embrace.

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