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Mar 20, 2024

Adventure #1 Of 2024 – From Seattle To Lopez Island

We’ve been off adventuring in 100% electric, zero emissions vehicles since 2019. It might take a tiny bit more planning. But in 2024, it’s easier than ever before! We’ll be documenting our trips to offer a glimpse of what that’s like.

On this cold but clear February 3rd, we started our trip midday with our Bolt EV estimating a range of 218 miles (@90% state of charge). We’ll usually charge to 100% before road trips, but this was a last-minute plan! We hit the road and drove straight to the Anacortes Ferry Terminal. Android Auto and Apple Car play make navigation such a breeze!

We enjoyed a beautiful Ferry ride through the San Juan Islands before landing at the Lopex Island Ferry Terminal. Once on the Island, we drove straight to our hotel and arrived at 2pm. Turns out they didn’t open until 4pm. Our Bolt was showing an estimated range of 110miles. So, we drove one block over to the market where they had a couple Level 2 chargers. We plugged in and walked around the small downtown and waterfront while we waited for our hotel to open. We got back to the car shortly before 4pm and the Bolt now had 165miles of estimated range. We drove it back to the hotel and checked in. Before having dinner at the Islander Bar and Grill, we stopped to watch the sunset at Otis Perkins Day Park

We arrived back at our hotel that night where our parking spot had a standard 120v outlet available. So, we were able to trickle charge overnight. The next day we started with an estimated 220 miles of range. We drove around to just about every major park on the water (Shark Reef Nature Trail, Agate Beach County Park, Blackie Brady County Park, Watmough Bay, Spencer Spit State Park, Odlin County Park). 

We got back to downtown for a late lunch/early dinner with 180miles of range remaining. After eating, we hopped back on the ferry and headed to Anacortes.

We got off the ferry with our Bolt EV estimating 170miles of range left. Google maps told us it was just shy of 90 miles back home. Plenty of range to make it home without stopping to charge. We did indeed make it home after a couple hours with about 80miles remaining. No DC fast charging stops required on this trip. This one was too easy!

What will our next adventure be? Stay tuned!

About The Author - Andy Young

Prior to joining our team in 2018, Andy’s early career was spent working in design, metal fabrication and Information Technology. When not at work, he likes spending his time outside in nature. The last few years he’s watched many of his favorite Washington forests and Hawaiian tropical reefs disappear under a continuously warming climate. Andy’s made it his life goal to not just live, but work in the sustainable energy and transportation field. This lead him to Puget Sound Solar where he spent time installing solar panels and now he’s moved over to our EV Support division and is helping customers get their electric vehicle chargers installed.

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