Revenge of the Electric Car Debuts in Kirkland

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Jun 9, 2011

The Seattle International Film Festival hosted three screenings of director Chris Paine’s sequel to Who Killed the Electric Car, starting at the Kirkland Performance Center in Peter Kirk Park.   The movie gives the viewer an inside look at the lives of four individuals involved in the re-introduction of the electric car to the marketplace:  GM’s crusty Bob Lutz, Tesla’s over-amped Elon Musk, Nissan’s hard-nosed Carlos Gohsn, and outsider Greg ‘Reverend Gadget’ Abbott are all characters in this elevated reality-show style picture who are interesting and evoke a certain amount of sympathy from the audience.  The story is gripping and there are some surprises, so by all means go see it at the theater.  You can check it out further at

Pam chats with the director, Chris Paine
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