Commercial / Multi-Family EV Chargers

Much of our population lives in a multifamily building, and this presents several challenges to fueling electric vehicles that are not encountered in a single family home. Many drivers currently can’t have access to car charging where they live. This underscores the importance of building out the infrastructure in public and commercial spaces, and at places of employment.

EV Support has a selection of Level 2 products from the lowest to the highest power, depending on your electric panel EV Support provides several different options that can be tailored to your particular situation and building. We will recommend a product and/or system that is best suited to meet the goals of drivers and building managers.

Electrical capacity used to be a prominent limiting factor for many existing buildings but there are now several technological solutions available from a variety of providers. We will help you choose the one that is the best fit.

Of course, the best time to plan for this is before construction of the building begins. We can work with your architect or engineer to ensure that sufficient electrical equipment and capacity is part of the plan.

There are a variety of solutions for this that provide access control, revenue, and maintenance plans to fit many situations. Not every location is going to be suitable, but if you think you have one that might, we can assess that for you.

EV Support is a partner in the U.S. D.O.E Workplace Charging Challenge. We have six charging stations at our shop and they are available for employees as well as the public. Some of our crew members can’t charge at home, so this works well for them.

Workplace charging often starts with company owners (as it did here in 2006) and then grows from there as employees are inspired to drive electric.

If you are in an existing building we will do the analysis and cost estimates to help you come up with a solution, if you do not have a plan already. It can sometimes be quite a challenge to get power to the parking spaces of EV owners but we will work with you to find the best routes. You may need a load study to determine how much power is available. We can provide 30-day load studies, or you can request one from your utility.

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