Courtesy Taiga Motors

Snowmobiling is a fun winter activity but traditional two-stroke motors are noisy and produce a lot of carbon emissions.

A Canadian company, Taiga Motors has developed a line of all-electric snowmobiles (and watercraft) that let you enjoy the outdoors without destroying your eardrums and the environment. They offer three snowmobile models that accelerate from 0-100 kilometers per hour (62 MPH), the Ekko Mountain, Atlas Crossover and Nomad Utility, with up to a 140 kilometer (86 mile) range. All three models are all-electric and like with their all-electric car cousins, they offer riders instant torque and minimal to no maintenance.

Courtesy the Washington Post/ Richmond Lam

As with other all-electric vehicles, the acceleration with this type of snowmobile far exceeds what an internal combustion engine is capable of. Taiga is developing a charging network to help riders keep charged up.

If you love getting into the snowy mountains and playing with snowmobiles, this should let you enjoy the scenery without worrying about your carbon footprint or eardrums.

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