Electric Vehicles have been around a REALLY long time! 

With the world shifting away from fossil fuel burning internal combustion engines to clean, no emissions electric vehicles, we thought it would be a good time to look back to the future of electric vehicles.

Car And Driver magazine did a nice story covering the history of EV’s that really goes into detail about the different efforts over the past, almost 200-years to build electric cars that were affordable and convenient. 

And for the future …

Washington, the Clean Cars 2030 Bill passed through the Legislature, only to be vetoed by Governor Inslee after Senator Steve Hobbs inserted an amendment tying in a road usage surcharge, but the intention is clear.

Increasingly we’re seeing advertisements from car manufacturers not named Tesla promoting the “new” generation of automobiles, electric vehicles. Traditional US manufacturers FordChevroletGeneral Motors are part of the evolution, transitioning their offerings from internal combustion engines to electric. Overseas manufacturers like AudiBMWNissanHondaHyundaiJaguarKiaLamborghiniLexusMazdaMercedes plus many others who are delivering consumers a wide range of options.

Odds are you’ll be shifting to driving electric in the next few years. When the time comes for you to add an electric vehicle charging station to power your EV, give us a call at 206-202-2635 or fill out our contact form to get a free quote for your project.

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