Testing the CPF25 Dual charging stations.

Community Transit, at their Merrill Creek facility just down the road from Boeing, is planning ahead for fleet electrification by installing charging stations prior to acquiring plug-in vehicles.  EV Support provided design, engineering, procurement, and installations services through the Washington Department of Enterprise Services’ Master Contracts Usage Agreement.  This streamlined method of purchasing eliminates the need for a new contract to be written every time goods or services are needed.  Other government entities can purchase through this contract and get discounted pricing.

The ChargePoint CPF25 was the right choice for this application, where drivers are assigned key-fobs and parking spaces.  Community Transit will track electricity usage and other data for the fleet through Chargepoint’s dashboard.  Chargepoint’s Assure warranty program is backed up by their Validation process by which all of the installation details are verified with Chargepoint at the start of the warranty.