Improvements in battery technology have increased the range of the average electric car from 80 or so miles to EV’s with excess of 500miles of range! The charging station infrastructure is exploding across the nation making re-charging your electric vehicle away from home easier every day. There are over 3,500 charging stations in Washington State alone!

What is more, the US Federal government provides an income tax credit of up to USD 7,500 when you purchase a made in America electric vehicle.

Level 1120 volts AC, 8 to 16 amps; can plug into your standard home outlet. Adds 1-10 driving miles per hour of charging. Level 1 & 2 charging stations simply supply AC voltage to the battery charger that is onboard the car.
Level 2208-240 volts AC, 12 to 80 amps; can be plug-connected but hardwired is strongly encouraged. The range of power levels available add from 10 to as much as 100 driving miles per charging hour. Most EV drivers will want this at home.
DC Fast Charging300-800 volts DC; This is powered by a 3-phase commercial electric service. They provide 300+ volts DC directly to the car’s battery and regulate the charge by communicating with the car. These can charge EV’s to 80% in less than 20mins! You won’t find this at your house, but in public places.