Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Washington

Transportation is one of the most inefficient energy use sectors in the U.S., wasting 80% of energy as heat, and releasing millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Vehicle owners can directly reduce this waste and carbon footprint by driving electric, rather than gas-powered cars. At EV Support, we seek to make that happen as soon as possible.

The advantages of electric vehicles over the traditional combustion engine ‒ and even hybrid vehicles ‒ is clear:

  • Emissions free!
  • As much as three times as efficient as gas engines
  • Is extremely safe
  • Compact
  • Quiet to drive
  • Convenient
  • Durable

Electric Vehicle Support is a division of Puget Sound Solar LLC since 2009. We are a Washington General Electrical and General Construction contractor whose involvement in renewable energy quite naturally led to the use of electric transportation in 2006 because the ‘fuel’ can come from the sun, for free.

We sell Clippercreek/Enphase, Blink, Tesla, WallBox, JuiceBox, Chargepoint, ABB, SEMAConnect, BTCPower, EVGo and Tritium EV charging stations and can install any charging station on the market today.

We are an approved installer for Enel-X, the manufacturer of the JuiceBox.

We are a Chargepoint O&M Partner, factory-trained, to provide the best solutions for commercial, government, and other publicly located hosts.

As a General Construction and a General Electrical contractor, Electric Vehicle Support can provide cost-effective solutions for all vehicle charging situations. We handle design, permitting, installation, and service for vehicle charging stations of all types; Level I, Level II and DC Fast Chargers.

With over 243 million registered vehicles in the United States, the world’s largest automobile market is confronted with dwindling fossil fuel reserves and global climate change. America’s consumers are increasingly embracing green-technologies and sustainable infrastructure in order to save our environment ‒ and their pocket-books!

Our aim at EV Support is to make it easy for purchasers of electric vehicles to have charging stations installed at their homes, work places, vacation homes, and any other place where they will be plugging in on a regular basis.

Our journeyman electricians also install charging devices in public venues, but our specialty is rendering the installation process hassle-free for EV owners.

As electric cars proliferate, one challenge is locating charging facilities where the cars will be parked.

for many people, a garage or carport will be the logical place to plug in, but not everyone has access to a garage, so curbside or driveway installations will be necessary.

Because we are EV owners and drivers we understand the technology from the viewpoint of daily users; our customers get the benefit of our experience as well as the fine work of our EV-savvy and customer service oriented electricians.

Are you buying an EV? Do you sell EV’s? Contact us at 206-706-1931, email us at sales@evsupport.com or fill out our contact form for a hassle-free quote and installation of your charging station.


We do site assessments, load calculations, and electrical design for every situation, from a single charging station for a single-family home to a parking garage full of charging stations for a fleet of vehicles.

Most often we are connecting these charging stations to an existing electric service, so we will do the necessary calculations to determine that there is sufficient capacity in that service to handle the additional load of car charging.

For a single-family residence, the process is usually simple; some basic information about the location of the circuit breaker panel and where the charging station will go, along with photos of the breaker panel, is often enough for us to create an accurate quote. If there is a detached garage or some distance from the circuit breaker panel to the charging location, we will schedule a site visit to gather the details. For a multi-family building a visit to the site is almost always required. There are many different situations that we encounter in these buildings, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution and each installation requires some design work. In many cases, we can do these for free but sometimes there are enough complications to warrant negotiation of a fee for design service.

Commercial and government locations also require a site visit and are of similar complexity to multifamily buildings. We will work with the owner to identify the most cost-effective solutions that take into consideration tenant and customer parking situations, location of the electric service, goals of the building owner and occupants, and possible future expansion of EV charging.

Networked charging stations that use 4G cell signals require assessment of signal strength, and we do those measurements using a Squid cell signal strength meter that finds all the cell signals at any location. If a signal booster is required, we provide the design of the booster system including antennas, cables, and amplifiers.


Our EVSE installation crew has experience with all types of charging stations and situations. We are familiar with all the applicable codes and standards so that our customers always get a high quality, safe installation. We are a General Contractor as well as an Electrical Contractor so we typically do all the work in-house unless the customer wants to handle the non-electrical work separately.

If there are any surprises encountered during the installation process that require a change in the scope of work, we will get a written change order before proceeding.

Some of the tasks that we perform in addition to the electrical work are:

Drywall cutting and patching
Minor carpentry work
Moving and replacing insulation
Trenching and backfilling
Concrete cutting and patching
Wheel stops and safety bollards
Signage and parking space painting

Electrical work

If there is additional electrical work needed to facilitate the addition of a charging station, our electricians can provide that. We can also provide incidental electrical work such as the addition of lighting, and other circuits.

Some things that may be needed besides the charging station and its circuit:

Circuit breaker replacement to provide more room in a panel
Electric panel replacement for safety or other reasons
Electric service upgrade to provide additional capacity
Addition of a sub panel to accommodate the EV circuit
Required corrective work such as grounding
Transformers and dedicated electric panels


We are the first point of contact for our customers if there are any issues with a charging station or installation.

Our work carries a 3-year warranty, separate from any product warranties, and we will provide warranty service if the product needs to be replaced within the manufacturer’s warranty period.

We provide service for the public charging station networks and can do troubleshooting and many repairs in the field for public EVSE, as well as troubleshooting for residential charging stations.

Because EV charging is often needed daily, our response time to service calls is as short as we can make it. Weekend calls may not be answered until the following Monday, but during the week we are usually able to dispatch a technician the following day.

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