QuantumScape Aims for 400+ Mile Solid State Battery

Battery startup QuantumScape has set its sights on tripling the range of most electric cars using solid state technology licensed from Stanford University. Tests demonstrating whether the new system is viable for use in electric vehicles are due to be completed in mid-2015. Solid state batteries have the added advantage of being fire-proof. QuantumScape is […]


Los Angeles AFB Replaces Fleet With EVs

The Los Angeles Air Force Base last week became the first federal facility to replace its entire fleet with plug-in electric vehicles. The 42-vehicle fleet includes both pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, including sedans, trucks and a twelve-passenger van. Thirty-six of the 42 electric vehicles (EVs) have the ability to exchange power with the […]


BMW Plans Street Lamp EV Charging

BMW last week announced it has developed street lights equipped with sockets to charge electric cars. The automaker and will run a pilot project in Munich next year using existing local authority lighting networks. BMW will install two prototype “Light and Charge” street lights which combine efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LED) with the company’s ChargeNow […]

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