The BMW i3 From Start to Finish

Ever wondered how electric cars are made? This three-part video from BMW documenting the production of the all-electric i3 removes the mystery!


Mercedes-Benz Kicks Off Electric B-class Production

This month, Mercedes-Benz kicked off production of the new B-class Electric Drive at its plant in Rastatt, Germany. Set for sale in left-hand-drive in selected European markets in late of 2014, the five-seat MPV is set to compete with the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf. Unlike the uniquely styled electric car competition, however, the new […]


Puget Sound Solar Joins Blink Support

Puget Sound Solar‘s EV Support has joined the Blink technical support team! In the past few weeks alone we have repaired about 30 Blink public charging stations – and a few private ones too. If you know of a Blink charging station that isn’t working, please contact us at 206.706.1931206.706.1931 and let us know so […]

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