Seattle EV updates, City of Seattle Drive Clean Seattle Program

Accelerating EV Adoption: Enable and support the adoption of 15,000 electric vehicles by 2025 “”This goal represents a five-fold increase in the number of electric vehicles currently on the road. To help accelerate the pace of adoption, the City will launch several projects over the next year to triple the number of publicly available DC […]

CHAdeMO DC fast-charging to run at up to 150 kilowatts, starting in 2017

Stephen Edelstein As more longer-range electric vehicles go on sale, the charging infrastructure that supports them will need to adapt to bigger batteries. When it comes to DC fast charging, more powerful charging stations will be needed to charge electric cars with larger-capacity battery packs within a reasonable amount of time. With that in mind, […]

BMW car-sharing reaches 13,000 in Seattle, names new CEO

Rachel Lerman, Originally published May 9, 2016 at 7:46 am Updated May 9, 2016 at 4:59 pm Former Inrix and RealNetworks executive Steve Banfield will serve as the CEO of ReachNow. BMW’s premium car-sharing service is catching on fast in Seattle. More than 13,000 people have registered for the ReachNow program since itlaunched in the […]

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