44 Years On: Earth Day Still Inspires

A lot has changed since the first Earth Day in 1970. Not the least of those changes is that you are reading this on a computer screen. That is a profound change in how we obtain information – and demonstrates the power of technology. Forty-four years ago this post would have been an item in […]


Meet the Morenos

Matt and Laura Moreno have been our customers since 2009, and were among a handful of EV-PV customers back then.  That’s because the only commercially available new EV was the Tesla Roadster.  Matt, whose gateway drug was biodiesel, became one of the few local owners of a Ford Ranger EV pickup.  Matt’s enthusiasm for that truck still […]


The BMW i3 From Start to Finish

Ever wondered how electric cars are made? This three-part video from BMW documenting the production of the all-electric i3 removes the mystery!

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EV Support makes it easy for the owners of electric vehicles to have a charging station at their home, office, vacation home, or anywhere else they plan to plug in. Be it a garage, carport, curbside, or driveway, our journeyman electricians do it right the first time so that you can charge without hassle and be on your way. We are EV owners and drivers who bring an EV driver's sensibility to every job we do.