Our People

jeremyJeremy Smithson, Founder and CEO.
If you count scooters and e-bikes, Jeremy has been using electric vehicles since 2003.  He has been an owner and driver of electric cars since 2006 and an electric pickup truck since 2007.  Each of those vehicles came with Level II charging stations for quick charging.  For the past 7 years he has been a proponent of transportation electrification; as an electrical and solar contractor with 30 years of construction experience, it made sense to him to form a company dedicated to helping current and future EV owners plug in.  

pamela burtonPamela Burton, Founder and CFO. Co-owner of EV Support, Pamela purchased her 1997 Solectria Force sedan in early 2006.  Since then she has enjoyed not having to stop at any gas stations and has fueled her vehicle with the output of the solar electric system she purchased in 2005.  Pam has a stated preference for hassle-free EV driving and charging, and her customer service skills have made her an invaluable asset to our company, keeping the process smooth and painless.

david lockeDavid Locke, Service Manager & Commercial EVSE Manager. Has been with PSS for many years and, after a short break, has returned to manage our service sector.  David's attention to detail is key to a responsive and efficient service department, and we are glad to have him back.  His knowledge of all aspects of solar installations and now, EV charging stations, will continue to keep PSS on the leading edge of transportation electrification.



Our People
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