Our People

jeremyJeremy Smithson, Founder and CEO. If you count scooters and e-bikes, Jeremy has been using electric vehicles since 2003.  He has been an owner and driver of electric cars since 2006 and an electric pickup truck since 2007.  Each of those vehicles came with Level II charging stations for quick charging.  For the past 7 years he has been a proponent of transportation electrification; as an electrical and solar contractor with 30 years of construction experience, it made sense to him to form a company dedicated to helping current and future EV owners plug in.  

pamela burtonPamela Burton, Founder and CFO. Co-owner of EV Support, Pamela purchased her 1997 Solectria Force sedan in early 2006.  Since then she has enjoyed not having to stop at any gas stations and has fueled her vehicle with the output of the solar electric system she purchased in 2005.  Pam has a stated preference for hassle-free EV driving and charging, and her customer service skills have made her an invaluable asset to our company, keeping the process smooth and painless.

david queenann newDavid Queenann, Project Coordinator, oined our office staff in the summer of 2012 after eight years as a journalist in Israel. He brings an eclectic professional background to the table, ranging from database administration at Microsoft to working felony cases as a private investigator. Passionate about green power and sustainable communities, David is also a doting husband and dedicated father who isn’t content to just write copy and fix computers, but to build a sustainable future for our community.

andrea 4000Andrea Tousignant, EVSE Specialist, came to work with us after charging her Nissan Leaf numerous times at our shop.  She has a background in policy and marketing work and a lot of enthusiasm about the emerging Transportation Electrification Revolution.  Seattle is leading the way to a carbon-free future in so many ways, but our biggest carbon emitter is still the transportation sector.  Andrea is working here to change that for the better.

chris tolerChris Toler, 01 Solar Electrician, joined our team in September ’08.  He brings a journeyman’s set of skills and experience with all types of electrical work and is a key asset as we take on more commercial and institutional projects.  He is highly experienced with both EV charging station and PV system installation and is a Certified Chargepoint Installer.  You can trust Chris to do an exemplary job on your EVSE project.

josh cubbinJosh Cubbin, 01 Solar Electrician, Landed here in the summer of ’14 after gaining some local solar installation experience.  He could possibly be the fastest conduit bender in the company and does it neatly at the same time.  Josh has a broad range of commercial electrical experience and skills and is a Chargepoint Certified Installer.