Our Mission is Driven

This is more than just a job.

To provide our clients with the best possible design and installation with honesty and integrity.​ To reimagine the role of a business in addressing the climate crises and in improving the lives of its staff.

Our Culture


Integrity is what sets this company apart from our competitors. We have thrived over 20 years based primarily on our quality of information and workmanship. Our sales and design processes are purely consultative and promote the interests of the client. Our electricians, installers and project managers employ the industry best practices and take pride in the relationship they develop with homeowners, clients and partners during the project. After the installation is done, we provide customer support, and stand behind our product.


This has always been a collaborative place: our managers are open to ideas from the newest members of the company and our teams work together to build processes and educate each other. These open lines of communication need to take care to not circumvent individuals.


We strive to be the best, no matter what job function.

Mission Driven

We believe climate change poses the greatest threat to our home planet. We go to work for more than a paycheck.

Work life balance

We believe in a strong combination of dedication to our work along with the freedom to experience a full life outside of work. Play hard, but also work hard.


We treat all employees, vendors and clients with equal respect owed to all humans.