Charging Stations

Different EV scenarios require different charging stations. We take pride in advising customers on what EVSE technology is best suited to their needs, and have extensive experience working on residential, commercial, and government projects. We can source and install whatever charging station solution you decide is best for you.

Our most common recommendations for EVSE solutions:

For Home

With 20+ years in the industry, venerable Clipper Creek manufactures an affordable, reliable, safe, and easy to install line of EV charging stations, with one of the best warranties you can find. There are many good charging stations on the market, but Clipper Creek has solutions for almost any scenario a home-owner may encounter. If you live in a single-family residence, or a town-home with an affixed garage, you can’t go wrong with Clipper Creek. You can check out the most popular Clipper Creek solutions HERE.  

Starting in 2014 Juicebox charging stations have emerged as a worthy competitor to Clippercreek.  Originally designed and manufactured by Electro Motor Werks, it is now a product of industry giant Enel-X.  These stations communicate with an app on your phone or computer and log data for you for free.  You can also have multiple Juiceboxes and limit the combined load to prevent exceeding the capacity of your electric service.

For Condo, Multi-family dwelling

EV owners who live in condos, or townhomes with detached garages, face unique challenges when looking for EVSE solutions. In addition to often difficult installation scenarios, multi-unit homes often require circuits be installed in commonly held electric panels that do not run off of the EV owner’s individual unit meter. Management companies and resident boards also typically prefer long-term scalable solutions in order to accommodate residents who purchase electric vehicles in the future. One of the best solutions is the installation of a trunk line that can service multiple chargers designed to share its current. For customers facing these challenges, we recommend ChargePoint CT4000.  

For Public

Public, workplace, retail and hospitality, and commercial building owners who want to provide charging stations in their parking lots and structures often want to implement card-key access protocols, or a “pay-to-charge” service, for tenants and customers. ChargePoint continues to set the industry standard in terms of flexible, networked public charging solutions.  If you think ChargePoint is for you, we can help.  

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We would be happy to advise you on the installation of a charging station for your electric vehicle, and to provide you with a quote. Our EV Consultant, is available Monday thru Friday at 206-706-1931.

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Charging Stations
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