Who Says Electric Can't Live Large?

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Conventional wisdom says electric is fine for cars in cities, but not for hauling loads or going long-distances. Wisdom is seldom conventional.

The 12 meter BYD ebus logged a 202 mile service range in trials with Copenhagen Denmark bus operator City-Trafik. Last week, the ebus completed a normal service run on Route 12, a total distance of 68.4 miles, while carrying an average of 40 passengers. After completing its route, the bus set off along the Ballerup highway for a further distance of 133.6 miles. At the end of its run the bus had clocked a total of 202 miles with 8% of battery charge remaining -- all on a single charge.

A second trial of an ebus in Copenhagen with the city's other operator Arriva produced a no less impressive result. The bus completed an arduous full day of city operation – 93 miles – from 06:00 to 16:50, operating fully loaded and with the electric heating system in constant use. The bus was then taken on a 56 mile motorway run and again ended up with a 8% charge remaining, covering a total distance of 149miles on a single charge.

The two ebuses have been in service in Copenhagen since the beginning of January, in the hands of Movia's two service providers City-Trafik and Arriva. The bus, specially equipped to handle the rigors of the Scandinavian winter, has performed well -- breaking all previous BYD ebus records. Last year an ebus achieved 189 miles using only 69% of total charge between the Polish cities of Warsaw and Krackow.

Operating costs for the buses are lower than gas-powered buses – electricity costs are only 20% of equivalent fuel costs in Denmark.

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Who Says Electric Can't Live Large?
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