EV Support Books Order for Charging Stations for Seattle City Light's Fleet

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EV Support, a division of Puget Sound Solar, will supply 155 Clippercreek HCS40 Ruggedized charging stations to Seattle City Light for use at the utility's various locations by their growing fleet of plug-in vehicles.  The HCS-40 basic charging station is perfect for this 'behind-the-fence' application of charging infrastructure.  Since City Light is the electric utility, providing enough capacity for charging any number of vehicles is not a problem, so their fleet managers were looking for a simple but reliable product from a reputable manufacturer.  Clippercreek has been building charging stations for 20+ years and their current line of chargers with "ruggedized" vehicle connectors is a good match for this project.  City Light is making the purchase through the Washington Department of Enterprise Services' Master Contracts Usage Agreement to take advantage of bulk purchasing prices.

The City of Seattle will be issuing a request for quotes for several hundred additional charging stations for fleet use, as well as 20 DC fast chargers for public use, and a pilot residential program for 200 customers with EVs.

EV Support has been selling and installing Clippercreek charging stations since 2011 and our very first charging station that we installed in 2006 was manufactured by them in 1997.  That charging station was originally used by a fleet program in New Jersy, and still works.

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EV Support Books Order for Charging Stations for Seattle City Light's Fleet
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