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If you have been at our shop in the morning you have probably noticed that it smells like a hot kitchen as the trucks roll out because we have seven trucks that run on bio-diesel.  However, we are working on eliminating combustion one-vehicle-at-a-time by electrifying our fleet.  So far we have five electric vehicles in the company, and two employees who drive their own EVs.

As auto manufacturers introduce more EVs into the market, we are hoping to eventually have electric versions of full-size vans and pickups that are affordable.  In the mean time, we have managed to acquire a Ford Transit Connect Electric, a RAV4EV, a Nissan Leaf, a GM S10EV, and a Solectria Force, all for the purpose of weaning our company off of internal combustion engines.

With the increase in climate action plans from state and local governments has come an increasing focus on transportation as a major greenhouse gas source, as well as a source of other pollution.  We see solar electric power systems and electric vehicles as a perfect partnership in the effort to curb climate change, and so do our customers.

If you are curious about how this works, and are wondering how cost-effective it is, ask us!  We have data now from 8 years of driving electric cars on solar energy in Seattle.  As they say, “If you can do it here, you can do it anywhere.”

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