ClipperCreek EVSE Uses 'Smart-Grid'

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As our world becomes ever more interconnected, so do our cars.

ClipperCreek announced a new smart grid-connected charging station, which includes an embedded revenue grade sub-meter and a variety of smart grid communications options.

The CS-40-SG2 is a part of ClipperCreek's CS-Series, which leverages Itron’s utility meter and communications technology. It was designed with extending a utility’s energy management intelligence to the charging station through a wireless communication interface.

According to ClipperCreek, utilities will now have full visibility and control of electric vehicle charging directly through their smart grid. The new units are being deployed in various pilot projects starting this month.

“As electric vehicle charging increases power use across the country, utilities will need a solution that allows them to monitor and control the timing without inconveniencing the customer,” states Jason France, ClipperCreek’s President, “The CS-40-SG2 enables critical functions needed to directly regulate electric vehicle charging cost effectively.”

Key features of the CS-40-SG2:

Source: ClipperCreek

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ClipperCreek EVSE Uses 'Smart-Grid'
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