44 Years On: Earth Day Still Inspires


A lot has changed since the first Earth Day in 1970.

Not the least of those changes is that you are reading this on a computer screen. That is a profound change in how we obtain information – and demonstrates the power of technology.

Forty-four years ago this post would have been an item in a newspaper That would mean cutting down and transporting trees for mulching and processing. And chemicals to print it.

Electrons are, no doubt, gentler on our forests, waterways, air, and cities. They are also the science behind photovoltaic electric generation – which is what we do.

But, we don't just install solar systems. We help our customers invest our communities' tomorrow. Earth Day isn't just about plaques, parades, hash-tagging selfies and celebratory events – which do get the word out.

Its about taking practical steps towards a sustainable, clean future for our patrimony. Its about securing humanity's future. And, when technology and the human spirit combine in innovations dreams can come true.

That's where you come in: activism, recycling, developing green spaces, and sustainability-minded buying are a strong start. Green-power infrastructure for our homes, institutions, offices and roadways is the next logical step.

And its not just good environmental policy – its also good economic policy. Efficient businesses using sustainable technologies are more stable and have healthier long-term forecasts.

That's also true of cities, homes, parks, ports, schools, and houses of worship. Its the individuals in those places that make the difference. That is one of Earth Day's secrets: real change comes from the bottom up – green power is grass roots.

We've come a long way in the 44 years since the first Earth Day commenced. And yet, we have miles to go before we sleep.

On Earth Day 2014, Puget Sound Solar invites you to take command of our future – and to act.


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44 Years On: Earth Day Still Inspires
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