Our Mission


With over 243 million registered vehicles in the United States, the world’s largest automobile market is confronted with dwindling fossil fuel reserves and global climate change. America’s consumers are increasingly embracing green-technologies and sustainable infrastructure in order to save our environment ‒ and their pocket-books!

Our aim at EV Support is to make it easy for purchasers of electric vehicles to have charging stations installed at their homes, work places, vacation homes, and any other place where they will be plugging in on a regular basis.  Our journeyman electricians also install charging devices in public venues, but our specialty is rendering the installation process hassle-free for EV owners.

As electric cars proliferate, one challenge is locating charging facilities where the cars will be parked.  For many people, a garage or carport will be the logical place to plug in, but not everyone has access to a garage, so curbside or driveway installations will be necessary.

Because we are EV owners and drivers we understand the technology from the viewpoint of daily users;  our customers get the benefit of our experience as well as the fine work of our EV-savvy and customer service oriented electricians.

Are you buying an EV?  Do you sell EV’s?  Contact us for a hassle-free quote and installation of your charging station at  206.706.1931  or info@evsupport.com.

Our Mission
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