Electric vehicles (EV) have been with us a long time, longer than internal combustion (ICE) cars. We’ve seen the re-emergence of EV’s over the past couple of decades with GM, Tesla and Nissan taking turns on the leadership that’s helped set the stage for the transition away from carbon emitting gassers.

Even before the current transition was occuring, car hobbyists were experimenting with electrifying their internal combustion cars and trucks into EV’s. Go check out some of the amazing transformations by members of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association at one of their monthly Tuesday evening gatherings or at the annual Greenwood Car show on June 24th, 2023. The following photos are from 2019.

As the electric vehicle manufacturing industry scales up, costs are coming down and consumers are realizing driving electric is becoming more realistic for most drivers with many new options available now and even more coming over the next couple of years.

Kevin Erickson walks by his electrified 1972 Plymouth Satellite at a public charging station. (Courtesy Thomas Peipert / AP)

While buying new is the simplest solution for driving electric, more and more people are showing an interest in keeping their classic ICE cars and converting them to electric. Some do this simply because they like to tinker in the garage and others are doing so for performance (EV’s instant torque gives them amazing acceleration off the line) and of course some people are doing so for the environment.

This writer would love to convert a 1968 to 1977 C3 Corvette into an EV. What classic car would you like to see modified?

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