No, there isn’t a particular way to tip over an electric vehicle like, say a cow … 🙂 but there are indications the EV adoption rate is about to accelerate as rapidly as a Tesla Plaid.

Bloomberg studied the adoption rate of electric vehicles in 19 countries and found that the 5% threshold in EV adoption rate is mimicking the same adoption curve with other technologies like cell phones. TV’s and even the internet.

According to Bloomberg, now that the US hit the 5% adoption rate, it’s likely that 25% of the new cars sold by the end of 2025 will be all-electric, an even faster adoption rate than many predictions.

This is great news for the planet (and consumers) as this means reduced carbon emissions, more EV charging infrastructure and fewer range anxiety issues.

FYI, in 2021, Washington State was rated the best place in the US to own an electric vehicle based on a combination of progressive incentives, infrastructure and electrical rates. Additionally, here in Washington, all cars sold after 2030, must be electric, which will also accelerate the EV adoption rate.

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