Curbside Level 2 Charging In Seattle

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May 17, 2022

Seattle City Light, (SCL) is seeking input on a new program offering curbside Level 2 EV charging in locations where residents cannot access off-street parking for their EV’s.

SCL needs your feedback by May 27th, so if you’re interested please go their survey so your input can be included in their decision-making process.

Similar programs have been piloted in Los Angeles and the following YouTube video shows an example of how utility pole chargers work in Melrose, Massachusetts.

Charger locations will be selected based on the following criteria “City Light will select charger locations through an opt-in process. Residents can request a charger in front of their homes if the location meets the program requirements. City Light will evaluate each request based on predefined criteria and choose the locations that best support the equity and environmental goals of the Transportation Electrification Strategic Investment Plan. The utility will solicit input from neighboring property owners for each proposed location. City Light will not install the charging station if more than 50% of the neighboring property owners voice opposition.”

If you do need an EV charging station installed at your home, multi-family residence, business or governmental location, please fill out our contact form below and tell us a little about your project.

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Stu has a degree in Clean Energy Technology, a Certificate in Sustainable Business Management and a BA in Communications. He’s experienced in marketing solar products and services plus he has a background as a clinician and researcher. Stu designed, manufactured and installed his own solar PV system and drives an all-electric Nissan LEAF to reduce his carbon footprint. Stu is active with local solar organizations, Seattle Parks and Sustainable Ballard. He wants to help to save the planet for future generations and believes sustainability is something we can all embrace.

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