MotorTrend’s 2022 Car of the Year – Lucid Air

To date, Tesla motors has dominated the roadways and attention of electric vehicle enthusiasts but a new EV offering looks to challenge the worlds most successful EV manufacturer.

Lucid Motors received the 2022 Motor Trend Car of the Year award for their new Lucid Air model. Some of the highlights are the Air’s 520 mile range, 1,111 horsepower and 1,390 lb-ft of torque.

If you haven’t seen a Lucid on the street yet, it’s because this is a brand new vehicle and Lucid was only projecting to delivery 22,000 in 2022 after getting their first vehicles to customers in October 2021. They, like many other manufacturers are dealing with some supply chain issues that are delaying a further ramp-up in production and deliveries.

Lucid Motors shared some additional specifications with Inside EV’s.

 Dream Edition PerformanceDream Edition RangeGrand Touring
Battery Pack: Total Capacity118 kWh118 kWh112 kWh
Range:19″ Wheels21″ Wheels 471 miles451 miles 520 miles481 miles 516 miles469 miles
Efficiency:19″ Wheels21″ Wheels 4.0 mi/kWh3.8 mi/kWh 4.4 mi/kWh4.0 mi/kWh 4.6 mi/kWh4.1 mi/kWh
Drivetrain LayoutDual motor, AWDDual motor, AWDDual motor, AWD
Power (combined)1,111 hp933 hp800 hp
Torque (combined)1,025 lb-ft.1,025 lb-ft.885 lb-ft.
1/4 mile time9.67 sec @ 149.87 mph10.24 sec @ 132.90 mph10.7 sec @ 127.56 mph
Top Speed168 mph168 mph168 mph
Curb Weight:
19” Wheels
21” Wheels
 5,203 lbs
5,236 lbs
 5,203 lbs
5,236 lbs
 5,203 lbs
5,236 lbs
Courtesy InsideEVs

As the transition to electrifying our transportation system accelerates, manufacturers will continue to face your fears, retrace the years and ride the whims of your mind as they offer up new, nearly silent electric vehicle options.

It’s exciting to see a new EV manufacturer come to market and quickly challenge the status quo. Competition between manufacturers will result in better products and prices for consumers.

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