Will Your Next Car Rental Be An EV?

As the transition to electric vehicles accelerates, more and more corporations are embracing the change. Hertz, the car and truck rental company is reinventing itself after filing for bankruptcy and laying off 20,000 employees in May 2020 in part because of the pandemic. With a new CEO and new financial backing, Hertz made the largest […]

Is The Dream Over (for Tesla) or Has It Just Begun For The Silent Lucid?

To date, Tesla motors has dominated the roadways and attention of electric vehicle enthusiasts but a new EV offering looks to challenge the worlds most successful EV manufacturer. Lucid Motors received the 2022 Motor Trend Car of the Year award for their new Lucid Air model. Some of the highlights are the Air’s 520 mile […]

EV’s Present Low Fire Risk Compared to Gas Cars

As the transition to electric vehicles accelerates, a new study by strongly suggests EV’s are significantly less likely to catch fire than their gas or hybrid counterparts based on data collected from the National Transportation Safety Board and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Of note, Hybrid vehicles had the highest rate (0.034745%) of catching on […]