According to Deloitte Insights, sales of electric vehicles (EV’s) amount to 2.5 million during the calendar year of 2020 and there are estimates that the annual EV sales figures will reach over 11 million by 2025. In Washington State, the Clean Cars 2030 initiative if adopted will result in no new gasoline powered cars being sold beginning in 2030, rapidly increasing the transition to all-electric vehicles.

As a business owner, now is the time to think about what installing electric vehicle charging stations at your place of business could mean for your company now and in the years to come. Here are some of the advantages to installing an EV charging station.

Level 2, ChargePoint network commercial EV charger installed by EV Support at King County/Boeing Field Airport, Seattle, Washington.

A Perk For Your Employees

Your staff will be among those who invest in all-electric and hybrid cars that operate using traditional fossil fuels as well as electricity. Think of what it would mean for them if they could show up for work, pull into a parking space equipped with a charging station, and plugin for the day.

This benefit means your employees don’t need to be concerned about running out of power or fuel on the way home. They’ll always come out to a full charge after a day at work so they don’t have to make another stop on the way home or worry about some minor crisis like the car stalling in traffic? This gives your team one more reason to stick with you other than look for work elsewhere.

ChargePoint DC fast chargers installed by EV Support.

EV Charging Stations At Work Can Attract Future Employees

Experience teaches us that offering different types of perks is one of the ways to attract the type of employees you want to hire. It’s not just about vacation and sick leave, personal days or participation in a retirement plan. Those all matter, but sometimes it’s the little things that set you apart from another company.

Installing EV charging stations in your parking lot might make that difference between your company and another for potential employees. People showing up for interviews will notice them and understand you’re a progressive thinker and company, especially if they’re already driving a hybrid or all-electric car. Along with other little things like a nice break area and attractive surroundings, electric vehicle charging stations could mean you win out over a different employer.

Visitors Will Like Them Too

If your operation is the kind that gets visitors, having EV charging stations in the parking lot is another way of indicating that you’re welcoming. Whether they come for a meeting, a tour or an event, you can bet they’ll appreciate knowing that they’ll be driving away with a full charge.

For retailers who want to attract more customers, having charging stations set up in various areas of the parking lot is a great move. There may be times when consumers choose to do their shopping with you instead of going elsewhere, just because you have stations and the competition doesn’t. Think of the stations as one more way of making sure your customers have what they need.

If you choose to list your charging station online or register it as part of one of the established charging networks, odds are you’ll get new customers, ones who hadn’t considered stopping in at your location before.

Level 1 charging at EVSupport/Puget Sound Solar – 805 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98144

That Includes Clients

Maybe you don’t operate a retail establishment and there’s not much in the way of visitors. You still likely have clients or sales representatives who may drop in when they’re in town or otherwise want to meet with you face to face. When that happens, isn’t it nice to have a charging station where they can plug in their vehicles?

The presence of the stations is not just a convenience, although that is important. They also serve as tangible evidence that your company holds values that are similar to those of the customer. In this way, you can view the EV charging stations as one more way to build a stronger rapport with your clients.

Current and Future Tax Incentives Promoting A Carbon Free Transportation System

With the change in Federal Administrations, it’s expected that more financial incentives to promote the transition to a cleaner transportation system will be written into law. Most EV’s qualify for a $7,500 Federal Tax rebate.

In Washington State, there’s a $2,500 Washington State sales tax rebate for new electric vehicles priced under $45,000 and used electric vehicles are also eligible for a sales tax rebate.

There are more than 50,000 electric vehicles already in Washington State and if the Clean Cars 2030  legislation passes, there will be no more sales of gasoline-based cars in Washington as of 2030. Therefore, the need for an improved EV charging infrastructure is rapidly building, and you can be at the forefront of this movement by installing charging stations for your employees, customers, tenants, and visitors.

Consider the EV chargers one more way to position the business operation for future needs. Check in with your local Utility to find out if there are any incentives or programs to assist you with the financial costs. Our EV Support team is also often aware of new programs in the region, so reach out them at 206-202-2635 or send them an email at

EVgo DC Fast Chargers installed by EV Support at Sea-Tac International Airport.

The Positive Impact On Your Corporate Image, a.k.a. Your Green Cred

You’ve worked hard to create a positive public image for your company. Along with everything that you’ve already done, why not add a little more? Even those who have not gotten deeply into environmental concerns yet tend to respect those who have done so. That means your decision to invest in charging stations can be one more way to enhance your company’s already positive image.

While having EV charging stations is not the only way to make the company greener, it is a great step. When you pair it with things like using recycled materials to make new goods, only use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, composting, and take measures to make the building more energy-efficient, they all message your company’s commitment to a better world. They also indicate that you envision serving the community for a long time. Both attributes will likely generate positive word of mouth outside of your current client base.

EV Charging Stations And Display Advertising

Some EV charging stations have built-in digital displays that can be used for promoting your business or if at a mall, it could show ads for any number of companies or organizations. If you operate a local grocery store the display could show each day’s specials, something that customers will see when they connect their vehicles. This kind of usage is only limited by your imagination.

Charging an all-electric Nissan LEAF while grocery shopping.

Generating Additional Revenue for Your Business

Installing a commercial EV charging station can become another source of revenue for your business. Paid EV charging stations and networks allow electric vehicle drivers to use credit cards or pre-paid accounts to purchase charging sessions. There are several business models and networks for you to choose from and that’s where it’s helpful to contact us to figure out what your goals are and what’s the best fit for your situation. For example we have a mixture of EV Charging stations at our EVSupport headquarters. Two are fee-based, Level 2, 32A chargers on the ChargePoint network. We also have six Level 1, 16A chargers which the public can access for free after our business hours.

Imagine having a potential source of revenue every time someone plugs in to your EV charging station while they’re shopping, conducting business, enjoying a meal or watching a movie. They’re going to park there anyways, why not help them charge and make a little money at the same time?

Level 2 EV Chargers installed by EV Support at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

There’s another way commercial EV charging stations can generate revenue for your business. You may not want to promote your own business, but a restaurant or other type of business near yours may be interested. If so, you can work with them to develop advertising that can be displayed on those stations. Charge by the day, week, or month and ensure that they can be swapped out when and as necessary. The advertising may be all it takes to get one of your employees to visit the other shop at lunch, or stop by before or after work.

Landlords: Something For Your Residential Tenants

More and more people are making the transition to driving electric and dozens of more options are expected to be available in the next couple of years as traditional US manufacturers pivot toward selling EV’s. As the range of EV’s increase and prices decrease and become more mainstream, there will be an increased need for accessible charging stations, especially where people live. Some rental house, duplex and apartment building owners are already installing EV charging stations. Landlords and property management companies are recognizing this as another benefit for prospective tenants as well as an additional revenue stream, depending upon the business model they choose when installing the residential EV charging stations.

Having accessible EV charging stations for your tenants gives them a highly attractive reason to select your property over one which doesn’t have an EV charger and one strong reason to stay with you for years instead of moving. This reduces your turnover rate and lets you enjoy a more consistent income from your properties.

Reserved EV charging for tenants, installed by EV Support.

It’s Still The Wild West, Full Of Opportunities

WWe’ve only listed some of the ways that installing commercial EV charging stations will make a difference for your business. If you talk with your employees, especially your sales and marketing team, there’s a good chance that you can identify several more benefits that are unique to your situation. Schedule a free consultation with our EV Support team to bounce ideas off them and get a free estimate for the costs of installing the commercial EV charging station that fits your companies needs.

After the stations are installed, your employees, customers, the environment, and your bottom line will all benefit.