Ever wish you could upgrade your old classic from dead dinosaur fuel to electricity? 

Chevrolet is poised to help you out. They just showcased a  1977 Chevy Blazer that had been retrofitted with a pre-production version of what they’re calling the “Electric Connect and Cruise” powertrain, their first all-electric crate motor. 

It’s a natural for Chevrolet to sell crate engines since they’ve produced the worlds most popular crate engine, the V8 350.

This project used a motor from a Chevrolet Bolt EV.

We’re seeing more and more electric motor swap-outs by people who love their old classic car but not the emissions they produce.  As the major manufacturers transition to electric vehicles, we’ll see all sorts of conversions.

What vehicle would you like to swap out motors with?  We’re thinking a C3 Corvette would be a great candidate. 

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