Good News 

In 2019 the Washington State Legislature voted to renew the sales and use tax waiver for plug-in vehicles and extended the tax waiver to used EVs until August 1, 2028.  As long as the fair market value of the new vehicle is less than $45,000, or $35,000 for a used vehicle, there is no sales tax due when it is sold.  This is a pretty big deal because our state has a high sales tax.  The previous law that kept EV sales tax-free was not renewed when it expired partly because many legislators were under the impression that only rich people could afford electric cars.  Used vehicles are included now because there is quite a market for pre-owned EVs now and it is how many people can afford to buy an EV.     

Also in 2019, the legislature renewed the sales tax waiver for charging stations and installation costs until July 1, 2025