BMW of North America has launched its own DC fast charger!

A joint development between BMW and Bosch, the BMW i DC Fast Charger can charge an i3 to 80 percent in 30 minutes.

At 31x19x12 inches, it’s about half the size of most DC chargers — and it weighs around 100 pounds. That means it can an be mounted on a wall, a first for DC fast chargers.

Beemer’s box also has a comparatively low price tag – $6,548 for authorized BMW partners.

BMW decided to go with a 24 kW charging rate due to its ease of install and the fact that the charging time for the i3 isn’t negatively impacted.

Another advantage to the 24kW fast-charger is that batteries do not degrade as quickly as they would with a 50kW fast-charger.

BMW i DC Fast Chargers use the SAE Combo 1 connector and are ChargePoint network-enabled and have an aluminum IP54 enclosure for extreme weather conditions.

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