Matt and Laura Moreno have been our customers since 2009, and were among a handful of EV-PV customers back then.  That’s because the only commercially available new EV was the Tesla Roadster.  Matt, whose gateway drug was biodiesel, became one of the few local owners of a Ford Ranger EV pickup.  Matt’s enthusiasm for that truck still reverberates, but he & Laura were also early Nissan Leaf adopters, and a little over a year ago, early Tesla Model S owners.

To list Matt’s contributions to the adoption of electric transportation would take several pages of text, so suffice it to say that Matt and Laura have been an influential and visible part of the ongoing acceptance of EV’s and solar energy into the mainstream, and likely will continue this juggernaut unabated. Matt and Laura, we salute you as our EV-PV Power Couple for the month of  April!