The Seattle Times published the following letter by Puget Sound Solar CEO Jeremy Smithson in its Northwest Voices feature:

Mónica Guzmán nailed it in her column [“Seen a Tesla today? Electric cars turn up fastest in Washington state,” Local News, Jan. 25]. Washingtonians have an unprecedented opportunity to show the rest of the country that gasoline-fired automobiles are so 20th century, and it appears that we are making headway in that regard.

We would have more money in our local economy, less carbon and pollution in the atmosphere, and a smile on our faces if we were to drive electric.

Thank you for a well-researched and thoughtful article on this subject. I have only one word of advice: Yielding to a Tesla in a neutral traffic situation is not necessary, but do look for an opportunity to yield to the urge to try driving any modern electric vehicle. It may cause you to go EV before that next Tesla model is on the market, and that would be a good thing.

Jeremy Smithson, Seattle

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