Way back’ in May of 2008 we got a call from Mark Mullet who had just built a home in the Issaquah Highlands and wanted to add solar energy.  Specifically, he had ordered a Tesla Roadster and had calculated the amount of PV that it would take to supply the ‘fuel’ for his new car when it arrived.  He also wanted to produce solar hot water for his growing family, so we installed 6 kW of Sanyo 200 watt PV panels and a Thermomax solar water heating system.  We were amused one day when we got a call from Mark about his system while he was delivering a pizza in his Roadster (from his Zeke’s Pizza restaurant).


Since then the citizens of Issaquah and the 5th Legislative District have elected Mark to the state Senate where he serves on the Financial Institutions, Early Learning, and Transportation committees. Mark has been a strong proponent of transportation electrification (naturally) and of solar energy. The 5th district and the state is fortunate to have such a forward-thinking legislator working on our behalf, and we salute Senator Mullet this month as our featured EV-PV pioneer!