Some solar companies may talk about their knowledge of Electric Vehicles, but Puget Sound Solar lives it.  This is our eighth year of owning and driving EVs (there are now five in the company) and we just installed our 310th EV charging station (EVSE).  We have a division that specializes in this service and we have installed EVSEs at public locations, private businesses, government facilities, and residences of every type.  Since 2010 EV charging has been, and always will be free at our shop at 805 Rainier Ave S.  We are listed on Recargo and Plugshare and will soon be installing a second EVSE, free for all to use.

We are still driving our first EV, the venerable Solectria Force, of which there are about 400 in existence.  We are upgrading our GM factory-built S10 EV with a new lithium battery pack and a ‘brain transplant’ that will improve the S10′s performance and range.  Our Nissan Leaf is now 2 years and 20,000 miles old and continues to operate flawlessly.  The latest addition to our electric fleet is a 2013 RAV4EV, powered by Tesla.

The real heroes in this trend, however, are our customers: We have dozens of customers who are producing all the energy they need for their EVs from their rooftop PV systems, thereby creating a boon to the local economy as well as to the environment in which we all live.

To celebrate the coming of age of Electric Transportation we are going to feature a different Puget Sound Solar PV + EV customer each month to hopefully give others the idea that this is reality now, and that we could all be driving emission-free if we really wanted to.  Stay tuned!