Pam and Jeremy drove the Nissan Leaf on November 14th at Nissan’s instant showroom on the Westfield Mall, a series of pavilions with various displays.  At the end of a tour through the pavillions, each participant got to drive the car around a loop that included some arterial driving, but only a taste. That’s OK for now, it was a treat to try out the actual car.

Our salesman, Dino Tukes at Campbell Nelson Nissan, had given us the newly released Quick Reference Guide, so we were able to get acquainted with the controls a bit before getting in the car.  There was still way too much information to digest in one brief encounter.  The operating system of this car comes with a learning curve.  The information screen at the center of the console has many, many screens, and there are lots of controls scattered across the dash.  The steering wheel and turn signal levers are familiar, but everything else is electronic.  The ride was nice, we noticed that the cabin heater is quite capable, and acceleration is peppy even with four adults in the car.

We found out at the same time that AeroVironment will sell their charging station with the car, but the purchaser can use their own electrician to install the unit.  EV Support has installation experience with several Level II EVSE, and we would be glad to give you a quote to install yours.  Contact Us.